CUSTOM Char/skill/npc/monter

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Maximum character level 99
Custom: Skills (modified certification skills) (Levels 89-99)
Custom: Armors/Weapons/Jewels/Others (Stage I - IX)
Custom Characters skills: Every weapon/armor mastery give you 30% stats
Custom: Potions (Stage I - XI)
Custom Bosses with 1-2 hours respawn
Custom: GM Shop/Gatekeeper (everything in ALT+B)
Automatic events every 3 hour(TvT,DM,CTF = Reward ExP + Misc)
Custom: EXP - Farm zones
Custom: Kamaloka Stage I (require level 90,min 2 max 9 players)
Custom: Kamaloka Stage II (require level 95,min 2 max 9 players)
Heroes every 1 Month
Custom: Hero skill
client: high five

Exp : 250x
Sp : 250x
Adena : 1x
Drop : 1x
Spoil : 1x

Safe (Weapons, Armors, Jewels, Others) : + 0
Safe Full Armor : + 0
Max (Armors, Jewels, Others, Weapons) : + 9 000
Blessed Scroll (Buy in GM Shop or from players Buy/Sell/Trade) : Chance : 100%
Custom Enchanters

Vote System

Each player can vote once per 12hours.
Just click on banner fill up code and click on Vote now!.
After then just go to the game and type .getreward
you will get automaticly reward

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